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    • Kitchen cabinet

    • TV stand

    • Wine cabinet

    • Study

    • Tatami

    • Bedroom

    • Shoe cabinet

    • Balcony cabinet

    • Cloakroom

    • Bathroom cabinet


    Weiye Group —

    Weiye Al Household

    Guangdong Weiye Group, founded in 1992 and situated in Nanhai, Guangdong, is a large-scale comprehensive aluminum material extrusion processing and manufacturing enterprise with a great sense of social responsibility.


    ● Have certain business background and experience; be familiar with local real estate and building material markets;
    ● Have certain economic power and investment strength as well as good business reputation;
    ● Understand and trust Weiye Al Furniture; enable to reach consensus on the operation principle and development ideas;
    ● Know about investment risks and benefits;
    ● Have legal person or legal operation qualification; less than three partners with their respective responsibilities;
    ● Pay brand margin according to related management regulations, which will be returned upon termination of the agreement (see details in the investment standard);
    ● Pay brand margin based on related standards;

    • 4008-838-1818
    • No 1, Honglinsi Road, Changhonglin Industrial Park, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
    • master@weiye-alu.com
    • +86-0757-85510628 / +86-0757-85510618